Saturday, November 23, 2013

Best High Chairs For Small Spaces

Looking for a high chair when you have very limited space? Here is a great resource for find the best compact high chairs

Compact High Chairs - Need More Space?

My kitchen area is typical.  Just enough room for 4 people to sit around the table
comfortably.  But when you add a big high chair, it gets a little crowded.

I did not realize that size of a high chair really mattered until I bought a high chair
for a friend.

Her kitchen is tiny and my gift was huge.  The legs of the high chair were so
widely spaced that they took up too much space.

So I read the reviews to find the best compact high chair.  I wanted something that was
compact, but was stable as well as easy to clean and adjust.

That is what you will find here - some of the best compact high chairs 2013.  They were independently rated in November 2013 by a well known consumer company.  But I also read the customer reviews

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